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EPZY99 - EPZY1000

  • Daily AirDrop1.1%
  • Capital ReturnYes
* No AirDrop Holiday
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EPZY1001 - EPZY7000

  • Daily AirDrop1.6%
  • Capital ReturnYes
* No AirDrop Holiday
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EPZY7001 - EPZY50000

  • Daily AirDrop2.5%
  • Capital ReturnYes
* No AirDrop Holiday
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Eipzy Coin

Why Invest in Eipzy Coin?

Cutting-Edge Technology in Crypto

Eipzy, a cutting-edge cryptocurrency, is forging ahead with a mobile game and a global exchange, both powered by blockchain. These initiatives promise immersive gaming experiences and seamless cryptocurrency trading. Eipzy's vision extends to a future online game, showcasing its commitment to innovation in gaming and finance on a global scale.

Pre-Sale Just Started

Eipzy, a groundbreaking cryptocurrency, is actively shaping the future through two pivotal projects: a captivating mobile game and a global cryptocurrency exchange. With a focus on blockchain integration, the mobile game promises an immersive experience with secure in-game transactions.

Eipzy's Commitment

Eipzy's commitment to technological advancement positions it as a frontrunner in the crypto sphere. The integration of blockchain technology not only ensures the security of transactions but also paves the way for groundbreaking applications.

Eipzy's Future is Clear

Looking beyond its initial ventures, Eipzy harbors plans for another exciting online game. This future endeavor is positioned to showcase the evolving capabilities of the Eipzy cryptocurrency, potentially unlocking new dimensions in online gaming and blockchain integration.


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Eipzy Progress Phases

The Eipzy's Road Map

1st Phase
- Presale in The Eipzy's Official Website (Running)
- Daily AirDrops For Those Who Buy Eipzy from Official Website (Running)
- Affiliate Marketing With Direct Rewards. (Running)
- Pinksale Presale Opening (in progress)
- Building Community (in progress)
2nd Phase
- The Eipzy's Mobile Game.
- Building Community for the Game App.
- Adding Liquidity.
- Coin Market cap Listing.
- CoinGecko Listing.
- Minor Exchanges Listing.
3rd Phase
- Major Exchanges Listing. (Some of Them)
- Developing Eipzy's Wallet.
- Publishing the Second Version of The Eipzy's Game.
- Developing An Online Game.

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Eipzy, a groundbreaking cryptocurrency, is actively shaping the future through two pivotal projec...

22 December 2023

Eipzy, una criptomoneda innovadora, está dando forma activamente al futuro a través de dos proyec...

22 December 2023

Eipzy, une crypto-monnaie révolutionnaire, façonne activement l'avenir à travers deux projets cru...