Terms and Conditions

Eipzy Game Presale and Airdrop Terms and Conditions

Presale Details:

1. Presale Period:
   The Eipzy Game Presale will commence on nov 2023 and conclude on nov 2024. During this period, investors have the opportunity to acquire Eipzy tokens at a discounted rate.

2. Token Allocation:
   Eipzy Game Presale participants will be eligible to purchase a specified number of Eipzy tokens at the presale rate. The allocation per investor is capped at 199m Eipzy tokens.

3. Presale Rate:
   The presale rate for Eipzy tokens during this period is set at 1USD per token. Investors are encouraged to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

4. Payment Methods:
   Accepted payment methods for the presale include USDT-TRC20. Investors are required to adhere to the specified payment instructions to ensure a smooth transaction.

5. Token Distribution:
   Eipzy tokens purchased during the presale will be distributed to investors' wallets as they ask for after the conclusion of the presale.

Airdrop Details:

1. Airdrop Eligibility:
   Investors who participate in the Eipzy Game Presale are automatically eligible for the airdrop. The airdrop will be conducted based on predetermined criteria, rewarding loyal Eipzy supporters.

2. Airdrop Distribution:
   The distribution of airdropped Eipzy tokens will take place daily to the user accounts. Eligible investors will receive their airdrop allocation directly to their wallets.

3. Airdrop Amount:
   The amount of Eipzy tokens distributed during the airdrop will be determined by the plan percentage of the total investment made during the presale.

4. Airdrop Terms:
   To qualify for the airdrop, investors must maintain their Eipzy tokens in their wallets following the conclusion of the presale. Tokens moved or sold before the end of this lock-up period may result in forfeiture of the airdrop allocation.

5. Participation Confirmation:
   Investors will receive confirmation of their participation in the presale and eligibility for the airdrop via the provided contact information. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure accurate and up-to-date contact details.

By participating in the Eipzy Game Presale and Airdrop, investors acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Eipzy reserves the right to modify or amend these terms at its discretion, with any changes communicated to participants through official channels.

Investors are encouraged to review these terms thoroughly and seek clarification from Eipzy's official support channels if needed